You’ll never know


Remember that winter’s night,
dressed in the annual celebratory calm,
filled with an enigmatic charm?
That night, her calm was destroyed
By your chaotic mind.

But, you’ll never know

People sang their hearts out
rushed to embark on the journey
Of new beginnings, of hope;
But, you marred her clean slate
time and again, disregarded her right to consent

In humanity, she’s slowly losing her faith
But, you’ll never know

While some held their horses high,
Others chose to turn a blind eye,
And you did not even give a try
To silence your demons of lust.
For, our souls have been soaked in patriarchal disgust

But, you’ll never know

The days and nights have become her battlefield,
To fight the evils of our creed.
The comforting blanket of the night sky,
now embraces her dreadful cry

But, you’ll never know

You’ll never know
what it’s like to ‘dress appropriately’
You’ll never know
What it’s like to live with internal misogyny
You’ll never know
her dreams, her strength, her glory

Because, you never tried

But, one day she’ll rise like the Phoenix,
not to avenge, not to lynch
But, to be a means to an end
and your deep-rooted patriarchal minds she’ll mend